Rebalancing the Scales of Justice with Tactical Training in Litigation Defense

The problem.

Trucking companies today face an existential threat from abusive lawsuits.

Trial lawyers have weaponized the courts. Their target is business and their tactic has a hypnotic effect on jurors.

Trial attorneys have abandoned justice in favor of a guaranteed pay day from insured businesses. Small accidents reap settlements far out of proportion to actual damages. Meanwhile, the specter of a truly catastrophic loss – loss of life or limb – haunts us. Will it be the next nuclear verdict?

The problem

Reptile Theory

A favorite tool of the trade for trial lawyers is the so-called “Reptile Theory.” It manipulates jurors’ instinctive and emotional responses. They’ve honed the technique to a fine art, and they’ve got a dramatic success record. Success for them is a defeat for real justice.

The Solution

The Mongoose Method

The Mongoose Method is conceived to restore balance to our justice system. The goal is to beef up the arsenal of our defense bar; train our members to proactively recognize and avoid traps; educate employees and the greater business community that depend so heavily on our services.


Hope. Strength. Resilience.

While we support legislative changes to tackle the problem, we know legislation takes time and isn’t politically feasible in all jurisdictions. A complementary solution is to build a more resilient business community and stronger defense tactics. Proactive investment in training will make owners, employees, and the defense bar stronger and more successful.

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